1st Year Angelversary for Joe

To my blog followers and my WordPress family, please join me in a virtual online prayer for my son on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 7:25 pm. I’m trying to reach all my friends and family across the country so we can simultaneously light a candle and say a prayer UP to my son Joseph. I invite you to join me from your location. God Bless🙏🏻Thank you with all of my heart♥️.

Virtual Candlelight Ceremony for Joseph Anthony Suarez

As the angelversary day fast approaches, the first year of Joe’s passing (May 28, 2019), my mind was made up and I did not want to do any kind of memorial to remember that day of so much sorrow, shock, numbness, and devastation to myself and my family, as well as his friends. It’s still so painful for all of us. But, I think God had another plan. He sent me an idea to have a “virtual candlelight ceremony” across the country. So, that’s what I’m going to do. More details to follow, but please save the date below.

To my new friends who follow my blog, I thank you for your comments, your support, even the love you give to me…someone you’ve never met until now. I am still writing my “Year of Firsts” almost close to being done. I love this community in WordPress, it’s been extremely healing for me. My heart and soul thanks you!

My goal is to reach as many people across all time zones. People he knew or people he didn’t know. I want the entire country to light a candle for Joe. He is our son, he is our brother, he is our grandson, he is our godson, he is our nephew, he is our cousin, he is our best friend, he is “Our Joe🙏🏻, and now he is Our Angelchild.” I made a promise that I will continue to reach out and share his story, because he deserves the world…still. My promise will continue until my final breath on this earth.

My heart and soul continues to try and heal in this life. But, Joe’s legacy will live forever. Amen🙏🏻

One Year Coming Soon

People ask me what are we planning to do for Joe’s one-year? It’s fast approaching on May 28, 2018 and every time I think of that question, I feel sick to my stomach. I begin to sweat, I feel lightheaded, it takes everything in me to breathe, and my body starts to shiver. I’m not much in a celebratory mood these days and I’m definitely not thinking how we should honor his life on the day he left this world. Yet, I don’t want to disrespect his memory. What am I suppose to do? Is there a book somewhere I can read that helps me understand not only this whole grief journey, but on top of that I’m suppose to have some kind of (what?) on the anniversary of this indescribable loss? I’m on the fence here, can someone please point me in the right direction because I’m seriously about to jump at any moment. My son, he is my heartbeat. I’m exhausted in pain. When will my heart begin to heal, please tell me. How do I continue to navigate this life without my son. I’m absolutely lost.

Don’t let go…

A Letter to My Mother

Dear Mommy, today is March 25, 2019, you’ve been in heaven 11 years. Last year at this time, Allie, Joe, Ella & myself spent time at your gravesite, it was beautiful. But, this year is different Mom. I can’t do my normal anniversary day with you today, I’m so sorry, I hope you can forgive me.

Life has changed, but you probably already know that and most likely seen it coming long before me. Joseph, he’s gone before me Mom. My only son, your grandson, but I’m guessing he is probably right beside you saying he didn’t leave on purpose, it was an accident. Again, you probably knew that though, this hurts every bone in my body and even more so today. I’m angry. I’m angry that you have Joe with you now. I know it’s very selfish of me, please forgive me. But, my truth is I want Joseph here next to me and to be honest Mom, I don’t want to go to the cemetery today. I don’t want to take you flowers and sit next to your headstone and talk to you about my life. Because my life took a left turn and went straight into this unknown place where sadness takes over the soul. It’s dark, ugly, and miserable, I hate it.

How did you do it? How did you keep going after losing Daddy, then Sis? How?! I wish you could tell me what to do. I try every day but it’s not enough. The worst part is I know I should be happy that Joe is in a beautiful place with you and God, versus the other. I should be thankful, but I’m too selfish I guess. I want him with me, he should be here with his sisters, his niece Ella, his dad, family and friends, but he’s not. He is with you. God forgive me, please. I’m so sorry. Everything feels so much heavier today. My entire body aches like I’ve been hit by a train. I can’t move my legs, my chest hurts when I breathe, my eyes are swollen from tears, and my heart is broken. Maybe this is my punishment for being so selfish.

I have chosen to stay in my pajamas today, under my blankets, binging on Netflix. I’m going to cry if I want to, laugh if something funny comes on the television, munch on my snacks, cry again, and wait for the night to come so I can close my eyes until tomorrow. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, it’s not here yet. I will cross that bridge when I get there. I hope you know that I love you and I miss you very much. But, to not have you or my son in this living life crushes my soul 100 times harder at this moment. I just can’t do it today, I hope you’re not too disappointed in me. I’m so sorry. I’m just a hot mess today. I love you Mommy, kiss my son for me (I miss him so much) and please help give me strength.

A Celebration of Joe’s Life

We decided June 7, 2018, would be the day we celebrate the life of our only son, and eldest of 3 children, Joseph Anthony Suarez. Joe’s life began on August 31, 1990 and he went home to be with God on May 28, 2018. As I reflect on June 7, 2018, there are two words that come to my mind, SPIRITUALLY POWERFUL

People often will say (with good intention of course) you were blessed for 27 years, be thankful, he’s at peace, God has him now, it’s God’s will….but those words don’t help me much because 27 years wasn’t enough time. I wanted more time with my son, my husband wanted more time, we needed MORE TIME! and most of all, Joe needed more time. But, I quickly realized time doesn’t stop for anyone, it just keeps moving forward. I always thought time would take me to an old age while my husband and I watched our children become adults, find love, start a career, get married, have a family. Time doesn’t heal it just hurts more because it’s that much longer Joe isn’t here with us.

We had so many people surrounding us with prayers and love when word spread about Joe’s death. And, I know every prayer spoken gave me and my family strength, there’s no other answer I have as to how we all kept standing. Preparation for Joe’s memorial service went into full throttle by the end of that first week. It was like watching a movie, everyone had a role. Our girls, Allie, Juliana and my niece Aileen all worked really hard to give Joe the greatest gift. Every detail was well thought out, specifically to represent Joe and his beautiful spirit. I’m so thankful my niece Aileen was there to give my girls the love and support they needed to plan Joe’s day. Aileen, she was there every step of the way, thank you God! Our girls needed her strength, so many people stepped up to help it’s impossible to name everyone (you all know who you are and I love you to no end, always!) There were T-shirts made with Joe’s handwriting- it was one of his idea’s to name his business, rosaries were ordered, each rosary was placed into a small plastic pouch with a picture of Joe and a prayer printed on the backside. Julie & Allie selected the prayer, Aileen’s friend made all the booklets and prayer cards. The church music, bible versus, reception, food (much love and my forever thank you to Luigi’s for the fabulous food!!♥️), flowers (our love to Kika and Tia’s Cindy & Sally for helping with flowers) music (thank you to our lifetime family friend Noe Garcia), thank you to our Holguin family for helping us at hall, it was all done with a handful of love! To all those who helped with Joe’s day we are forever thankful. My husband and I were extremely proud of our girls, they were in such heavy heartache for their brother yet were strong enough to plan his final day. I was just as proud of Aileen “my person” in my heart I believe it was her way of giving one final gift to Joe, as well as allowing herself time to process the reality of what had actually happened. They were extremely close and her love for Joe shined like a bright light throughout the entire day. Together, she and our girls shared every single step that was planned, asked our approval before any decision or purchase was made, etc. I remember this blue spiral notebook Aileen had with her 24/7, she wrote everything down in that notebook. Then, gave it to me after everything was over. I keep it in a box I have with several other mementos that belong to Joe.

In addition to that first week, Kolby Halley, one of Joe’s closest friends had asked me if he could start a GoFundMe for Joe. I hadn’t given money much thought, I remember us having a life policy on all our kids, including us, but had not contacted our insurance agent yet. My mind was everywhere and unfocused, but I had people thinking for me and what a blessing they have been in my life. I gave Kolby the go-ahead and in the meantime called my agent only to discover Joe’s life policy had not been renewed, therefore he had no life Insurance. Another big blow! Every day I thank God for Kolby’s quick thinking, he has always been a forward thinking kind of guy. I remember Joe would tell me how prepared he was when they planned their TRYBE outings. He loved and respected his brother Kolby, and I’m so blessed he remains in our life.

Kolby got the ball rolling and created a GoFundMe account, he posted it to social media, and that thing immediately skyrocketed thru the roof! I remember looking at Facebook briefly to see it and my heart skipped a few beats, it was like watching the most phenomenal event happen right before my eyes! Kolby had set a goal of $8000, however, by the second day donations had exceeded that goal and a week later Kolby handed me a check for $12,000, but prior to that he gave me a check for $500 from his dad. I was so humbled and beyond thankful. Every day going forward a new miracle happened, it was like watching God place all these monumental blessings in my lap and I remember feeling as if someone was holding me in their arms, carrying me through this ugly dark storm. Protecting me from all the bad things that could kill me. We will forever be grateful to every single person who took a minute to donate towards Joe’s day. Its one of those “unforgettable” moments when God proves to you just how powerful He can be, and He had my attention!

I love you Kolby Halley, thank you for loving our son unconditionally as your brother. He admired and loved you very much. I can literally hear his voice out loud saying “Danngg Bro! I love you!”

T-shirt’s, Rosaries, Prayer cards, Booklets were some of the items Aileen had made for Joe’s Service.

Please click link below♥️sharing a Joe & Leena moment. Together they made life in the moment sooo much better!

Kolby’s GoFundMe picture for Joe.

As we drove up to the church I could see cars and so many people walking towards the church. I remember thinking, who are all these people? I quickly noticed Joe’s circle of closest friends, he referred to them as his “TRYBE” (this was a group of tightly bonded best friends he often called his brothers from other mothers. Not sure who created the name TRYBE, but it was clear they are all extremely close and Joe was their brother.) They walked over to embrace us, respect, honor, and love for their brother were the words that immediately came to my mind as I hugged them. I knew this was just as difficult for them as it was for us. I could feel the pain in their heart. Joe had so many friends, it was remarkable to see them all come to the service. Our family, our friends, the love of so many people consumed our hearts, it truly was and still is such a feeling of warmth that soothes my soul.

Izzy and I connected hands very tightly, our girls next to us and we made our way to be seated. Together we sat down and as our eyes looked up in front of us, there stood Joe in poster-size pictures. Our girls’ only brother, our only son, our first born child. Disbelief is the word I remember thinking. My entire body was trembling, my legs felt numb, my mind was spinning out of control and my eyes were beginning to hurt from tears. Suddenly, the music stopped and the sounds behind me faded to silence.

Kolby made his way to the front podium to give Joe’s eulogy. I know this was not easy for him, it took alot of strength to stand up there and try to put Joe into a limited number of words. At the same time so much sorrow at the loss of his best friend, whom he always referred to as his brother. We were honored to have him speak on our behalf. Kolby would often call or message me to check on Joe if he wasn’t answering his texts or phone calls. I reassured him Joe was home and doing just fine. I would often do the same and message Kolby telling him I’m worried about Joe, and he would help to calm me down. It was our LOVE for Joe, genuine and unconditional. Kolby hit the mark when he spoke about Joe and who he was as a man, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, his notorious humor and his love for living life in the moment. He also talked about what Joe’s life meant to him and the impact he made on so many others. He honored our son, perfectly! I was extremely proud of him. I’ve attached a copy of Kolby’s eulogy, please click the hyperlink. Joseph’s Eulogy by Kolby Halley


Then, it was Allie, Julie, Angela & Aileen slowly making their way up to the front. Juliana was first. Im staring at my babygirl as she begins to speak. She spoke scriptures from God so eloquently and with such grace. I could feel her love in each word. She held herself together very proudly and did a beautiful job honoring her brother. Sibling love amongst our three kids is a bond so strong, I truly believe her brother was by her side holding her up the entire time. He will forever watch over both his sisters.


Next was Allie. She too spoke with So much love and respect for her brother, as she spoke the word of the Lord. I also believe Joe stood right next to his sister, telling her “c’mon Sis you can do this, I got your back.” She was almost done, then her eyes looked up and could see everyone carefully listening to her every word. She held on and again that proud moment overcame us as she walked back to her seat.


It was Angela’s turn. Angela and Joe grew up together. They started pre-school together and remained very close their entire life. But, like everyone else, once high school is done they went different  directions. Joe and Ang would see each other at family get togethers and it was as if no time had passed.  He loved her like a sister and he was happy she found a great guy to spend her life with and raise a family.  

Finally, it was Aileen’s turn to speak. The last speaker usually tied it all together and the most difficult because she had stood up there and witnessed 3 of her family members speak God’s word to a church filled with people who love and respect Joe. She too did a beautiful job keeping her composure and honoring her “Jeh” (aka Joe) with intense love and respect. Gods strength, Joe’s love gave each one the ability to hold it all together up there in front of over 1,000 people, the immense love for Joe held them all so very strong.

Aileen and Angela

The church was over it’s capacity, maximum seating was 900. There were not enough seats for everyone attending, it was standing room only. They had to get chairs to place along the walls so people could sit down. People were standing at the entry or outside, they just wanted to be there, for Joe.

I quietly whispered to Izzy, “babe, I’m not gonna make it out those doors.” Then I looked up and Father Joseph was standing in front of us. He could see I was falling apart. I had nothing left in me to keep standing. He put his hands on mine and spoke to us with his calm and peaceful voice, “Momma, Joseph is here and you must be strong. You must stand strong for him, he needs you both to do this, he is here.” Suddenly, I noticed Izzy straighten up his back, he pulled himself together standing tall and placed his left arm around me and said, “c’mon babe, we gotta do this for our son” and suddenly I felt my entire body lean on him. Get strong Elaine, pull yourself together for Joe and your daughters!! I repeated these words over and over again.

Father Joseph spoke of our son as if he had known him his entire life. I now know that was God talking, and yes, he did know Joe his entire 27 years of life. The words spoken by Father Joseph were absolutely beautiful and described Joe exactly 100%. Suddenly, my heart felt warm and it wasn’t pounding as hard inside my chest. My soul felt calm, I had this different feeling come thru me, it was like warm soothing water. It’s very hard to describe, I just know it felt good and I was stronger, so much stronger.

As we began to walk out of church I looked at all the people and I could feel each and every heart and prayer coming at me. At some point, Joe had crossed paths with each one and touched their life in a way that brought them here, on that day, to give their respect, love, and to honor him.

I no longer felt like I was in a nightmare. I was breathing life and life was giving me a moment that would forever remain in my mind and my heart. I was stronger walking out of church that day, much stronger. Joe was there, definitely.

Joe’s handwriting♥️
Allie and Juliana chose the prayer below, I loved every word.

Broken Moments

I always knew there was something unique and very different about our son, Joseph Anthony Suarez. He seemed to radiate the world even as I gave birth to him on August 31, 1990. I always told him one day he would accomplish greatness in life because his spirit was so big and he would see the world. Joe would look at me and smile, then give one of his warm tight hugs always with an “I love you Momma.” I love you more son and I held him tightly in my arms. I don’t think Joe realized how much everyone genuinely loved him. There was something about his presence, he just made you feel good inside. He had a gift, people loved him. And, he was my gift for 27 years, I miss everything about him every single day. We all miss him. I was right about him accomplishing greatness, he did exactly what I knew he would do, I just assumed it would be here in the living world.

The day after we were contacted by the Coroner, I had a dream. It felt so real. It was one of those dreams when you tell yourself if this is a dream please don’t wake me up! I was at my mom’s house on Fillmore St. sitting at the kitchen table, crying. I looked out the back door and there was Joe walking towards me.  I don’t know where he came from, he just appeared. Slowly, he made his way into the kitchen, I stood up holding out my arms for him. Somehow, we both were standing at Mom’s front door and Joe had his arms wrapped tightly around me. I cry every time I think back to this dream. Then I looked up at him and I could see his eyes were filling up with tears as mine were drowning. He told me, “Momma I’m sorry, I love you” these words were often his direct way into my heart, he had many but this one got me every time. I know son and I love you more and I forgive you.” I held on to him for as long as I could. I didn’t want to let him go, then my eyes opened. Hopeless and grief stricken, I laid helpless in my bed for hours. Was it a dream? Did I imagine what just happened? Am I going crazy? Or, did Joe really come to see me one last time? I believe he came to say goodbye. Suddenly, my heart-felt warm.

Every day following Joe’s death was filled with disbelief, shock, numbness, sorrow, and unimaginable pain. For the most part, those days and nights were hit and miss memories, it all seemed like a lifetime ago. I don’t remember much, except sleeping. Sleep protected me from reality, I felt no pain while my eyes were closed. Sleep kept me from thinking, I didn’t want to think about what was happening in my life. It was too much for me to process and hard enough accepting I would never see Joe again. People tell me eventually it won’t hurt as bad, I don’t believe that to be true. I asked God out loud, “where are you? how do I go forward from this? I am broken Lord!”  Sobbing heavily, I could barely catch my breath. Life hurt. It actually hurt to breath. Life is so unpredictable.  It can change in a blink. What I quickly realized was, “don’t take each day for granted, because you never know what can happen, it can all be wiped away just like that…in a snap.”  Every day really is a gift.  

Sometimes, I feel as though I’m spinning in circles.  Trying to find an answer to the “why?”  Why Joe?  Why my family?  Why didn’t I get some kind of warning?  Why couldn’t Joe have just stayed home that day?  Why didn’t I stop him from leaving?  Why didn’t he just come home? There are 100’s of whys.  I may never know an answer to any of my questions, so I’ve given it all to God. I had to, I was spinning out of control. I always knew and could feel when Joe was uneasy about something.  I would ask him, “a penny for your thoughts?” His reply was always, I’m good Mom (my heart is racing as I’m typing this).  He never wanted me to worry. I’d rather him be here and worry thru the problems that can be fixed versus him be gone forever! There was a lot wrong that Monday, I could feel it without looking at him.  His dad would always tell him, “don’t be so trusting of other people, son.  Always have your guard up, there are vicious people in the world, Joe” ….got it Pops, he would always tell his Dad. Prior to May 28th, we were all living, breathing, life as a family was uninterrupted.  I want it all back. I want my family, all 5 of us, living and breathing together again. I want my son Joseph Anthony back. Why did this happen?  Some people tell me, “it’s all in God’s plan” well, that’s not enough for me, I want more. I want to know HOW this happened to Joe.  My gut instincts tell me there’s a lot more we don’t know.  But, one day the “more” will reveal itself, I have no doubt.  Something will surface.  This chaos has ripped apart my family and it has left us mourning Joe to no end.  I pray, it’s all I have left in me.  I have given this all to God.  It’s way too big for my shoulders. 

I love you my son and every day my heart hurts, but I will not let your death be in vain.  I will see you again one day.  Until then, I promise to try with everything in my soul to shift my sorrow and my pain towards your memory.  I will make sure your greatness will continue in honor of your name, Joseph Anthony Suarez.  I love you son ..to no end.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4 NIV)


May 28, 2018 – Where Is Joe?

This is my story of “Losing Joe” and how uninvited grief  introduced itself without any warning.  Our life changed in the blink of an eye on May 29, 2018, but this nightmare began on Monday, May 28, 2018.

As I’m writing this it feels like this moment happened only “yesterday”; to be honest, every day feels like that “yesterday” repeating itself over and over in my head. The day was an ordinary afternoon and I was laying down in my room next to Ella. I could feel the warmth of the sun coming through my bedroom sliding glass doors as I gazed at my beautiful tree outside my bedroom. My husband and I were both home babysitting our grand baby Ella, she was suddenly sick to her tummy and had vomited a few times. Aside from her not feeling well, it was just another day. We were living life our normal day-to-day thing and I had no complaints.  I was happy, we were happy, our family was happy and I was looking forward to a huge celebration at the end of August.  I was retiring from my job of 25 years and it was Joe’s 28th birthday too, August 31, 2018 was going to be a double party and it was a big deal, we were both looking forward to a long day of celebrating.

It was almost 1:15 p.m. and I knew Joe would be coming home soon. I had spoken to him earlier that morning, he told me he would be home some time around Noon (he called me the night before to let me know he was staying overnight with a friend.)  I remember feeling completely relaxed, my mind was calm, no distractions were in my head, it was a peaceful day so far. Just as I started to doze off, I woke up to the screeching sound of the front door opening and I heard Joe’s voice loudly say,  “Momma, I’m home! Where you at Ma?”  I asked him to come upstairs so we could talk, but all I heard was the sound of his footsteps moving quickly downstairs, doors opening then shutting (laundry room door, his bathroom door, his bedroom door, etc.) it was obvious he was in a hurry.  Funny thing is Joe was loud in every way; he talked loud, he laughed loud, he even walked loud (if that’s possible).  In fact, within a few more minutes he loudly said to me, “Meh, I love you, I’ll be home later, k.”  And, before I had a chance to say anything, I heard the front door close after him as quickly as it opened.  Just like that, Joe came home and then he left. I never seen him, I only heard him.

The strangest thing about that moment when Joe left the condo was there was no sound, the loud squeaky noise that came from the front door just minutes earlier, it was gone. In fact, everything seemed to go silent it somewhat felt like the world outside stopped in those few seconds. I heard no cars driving by outside our condo; it’s typically a very busy road, there were no vagrants walking by yelling or just talking crazy, no car horns honking, no dogs barking, nothing seemed to move. It was an uncomfortable and eerie stillness, it was the absence of sound.

So, I did what any mom would do I grabbed my cell phone and called him. He answered with his usual loud and funny self, “Yes, Mehhhhh??  Wassup?”  We talked briefly, very briefly, actually too briefly. I asked why he didn’t come upstairs before leaving? I told him I felt as though he was avoiding me or not wanting to be at home? He replied with a laugh, “Meh, it’s Memorial Day and I’m hanging out with friends Mehhhh.” We hung up, but something in his voice seemed different, it was not sitting well with me so I started text messaging him. He responded to a couple of texts, but did not reply to the last few.  I kept messaging him throughout the evening too (5:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., then 12 midnight) but no reply.  I didn’t know who he was with and I had no idea where he could be. My last text I asked if he was coming home and to please reply back. My husband kept asking, “Where’s Joe?” and all I could say was, “Babe, I really don’t know!”

I had a difficult time falling asleep that Monday night. I could not get comfortable and my mind kept racing. Finally around 1:30 am I read a prayer and my eyes slowly got heavy. I fell asleep when suddenly I heard this loud bang popping sound outside, it startled me and I jumped then sat up in bed. It was the sound similar to a car backfiring, but it was so loud it seemed to be right by our window. I quickly felt my heart beating so hard I thought it was going to jump out of my chest! I looked at my phone it was 2:15 a.m.  I had no missed calls or messages from Joe. I woke up my husband and he heard that loud bang noise too, loud noise too. Okay, NOW I’m getting nervous, I told him, “babe I’m feeling scared”. It was just a car, stop worrying he tells me. But, I knew he could feel what I was feeling too. He looked outside but it was nothing. I went downstairs to get a glass of water, my whole body was hurting and I was feeling sick. I kept thinking, maybe I had caught what Ella had, so I took a Motrin. But, I could not stop shaking. I walked down the hall and took a quick look in Joe’s room, he wasn’t there. I’m hovering again, I thought to myself. Joe was 27, a grown man, but as a Mother the worry never really stops it doesn’t matter if your child is 5, 10 or 27. A child grows inside a Mothers body for 9 months, there’s a bond that never goes away, it’s a lifetime connection of pure and beautiful love. I knew and can feel every breath and heartbeat for each one of my children; 27 (Joe), 25 (Allie), and (20) Juliana. I just knew when something wasn’t right. In that moment, the feeling was so strong I wanted to get in my car and go look for him but had no idea where to even begin.

I then messaged Joe’s friend and asked her if she had spoken to him? I knew he had stayed overnight at her house the night before and she told me she had been trying to reach him all evening but he wasn’t answering. The last time she spoke to him was around 5:15 p.m.  She was worried too, I could hear the sound in her voice as if she had been crying. We hung up and again I tried calling then texting Joe, but got no reply. Time seemed to move so dam slow but eventually the sun came up and at 7:30 a.m. I called my niece for a ride to the office. I needed to grab a few things and briefly talk to one of our executives regarding an email I had sent out the previous week. When she got to the condo, I told her Joe didn’t come home and he wasn’t answering my calls, I was getting nervous. I’m sure he is asleep at his friends house, he’ll be home don’t worry, she says. Yeah, I’m working myself into a frenzy, overthinking…again!

Once again, I called and left him a voicemail telling him I left the front door unlocked and to call as soon as he woke up! Then, a text message, “Joseph Anthony where are you!! Can you please at least reply son so I know you’re okay? Please!”  I rushed into the office that morning grabbed a few things and called his friend again. She still had not heard from Joe and was very surprised by my phone call. I told her I was freaking out, it isn’t like him to not call or reply back to me. Then I asked her to call his best friend and to call me back as soon as she talked to him. It’s now close to 11 a.m. and I’m getting ready to leave the office and drive over to his friends house. I could feel that anxious thing coming on strong (heart racing, my head hurt from no sleep, inside my soul I was trembling). I had this gut feeling something bad was about to happen, I call it “fear.” My heart was hurting, it was a stinging sensation and it scared me. Then my phone rang, it was his friend and I was relieved that she was calling me back. My first thoughts were, thank God she finally talked to Joe. That was not the case, not even close! I answered my cell and all I could hear was a mumbling sound. I couldn’t understand what she was saying, my voice got louder and louder, “What is it!! I can’t hear you sweetie! Slow down! Please, what are you saying because I can’t understand you!”  I remember that moment quite vividly as she spoke one word, it was a word I still hear in my head, over and over again….CORONER! At that moment, everything seemed like it all faded to black. Instantly, my world turned to complete darkness. Uninvited and without warning this ugly, dark shadow called “grief” had slipped in and found its way into my life. I was not prepared for what was about to happen, my mind was in some other place and all I could do was stand there screaming I was completely out of control! All I could think was I have to get to my husband, I need to get to Isadore. God, help us.

Joseph Anthony Suarez – 27

Before I share my story about the sudden tragic loss of our son, Joseph Anthony Suarez (Joe), I thought it would be a good idea to introduce him and share a few words of love from his family and friends.

Joe’s journey in life was far more purposeful than he could have ever recognized.  He gave a new meaning to the phrase “living in the moment.”  For 27 years, we were beyond blessed to have him in our life; Joe made a difference in the world and in every life he touched.  His personality was amusing, loving, genuine; he loved celebrations of any kind; he brought laughter and moments of warm joy to any occasion.  He had many extraordinary qualities/characteristics, far too many to write down, but one of his most remarkable was that fantastic smile!  His smile was contagious; it was a beaming light that illuminated his presence in every way.  On your worst day, he could make you feel happy just by talking to him.  Joe had that “something special” about him, one of his friends referred his personality to the word “vibe.”  He just had it, all of it, and he shared that vibe with everyone who knew him and those who just happened to meet him once or twice.  He was the most selfless human being to ever meet in life.  Joe never judged anyone and was always that person rooting for the underdog.  He had a way of seeing the good in people, no matter what bad they had done.  Forgiveness was always close to his heart.  Joe forgave quickly; he didn’t like to prolong an issue with anyone; his outlook on life was to move forward and leave the drama behind him.  Don’t look back; he would say, only ahead!  Being mad at Joe never lasted long either; all he had to do was smile and say, “I love you, and I’m sorry” (which he genuinely meant), and whatever it was that caused the anger would be long forgotten, as he could have you laughing within seconds.  Joe loved being around a lot of people; the larger the crowd, the better!  He was confident (but never arrogant or cocky, just funny about it), intelligent, trusting, genuine, humble, and had a great passion for music, sports, and fashion.  Joe loved football, golf, baseball, basketball, and his love for music was diverse.  He enjoyed watching movies (sometimes the same movie over and over again), he would quote phrases from “Zoolander” or “Friday” and many more, he loved watching  “Seinfeld” episodes, and we could hear him laughing from any room in the house.  His love for family was number one, and he had so many friends the would do anything to help or give his time if they needed anything.  He never walked away from his friends; he genuinely loved those guys he referred to as his “TRYBE.”  Joe lived each day “at the moment” and loved the simple things in life.  He was a Brother, Uncle, Grandson, Godson, Nephew, Cousin, Best Friend; he was so many things to many people.  However, first and most importantly, he was “Our Son,” and we shared him with the world.  Below are a few family photos and Joe’s vigorous beautiful smile that touched so many hearts.

I could sit here all day and night writing about his remarkable personality and the impact he made in just 27 years; instead, I’m going to share a few quotes from people who wrote to me or posted comments on his social media pages.  We all deeply feel his absence in our world, and everything is different now; it’s like the world suddenly got quiet.  However, I am 100% convinced that heaven got much louder!

Enjoy getting to know our Joe.  He had a unique “vibe” and was loved by so many.  His extraordinary spirit will always live in our hearts.

From: Brian Burrell
Hi Elaine,

It’s incredibly difficult for me to put into words the impact that Joe had on me. He was a fantastic person, friend, and someone who I always looked up to. Some of my best memories are with Joe, and he’ll always have a special place in my heart.  When I talk about Joe now, I find myself talking less about the fun times and more about the way he would make you feel. Joe loved everyone, and everyone loved Joe. You could legit walk into a party and know no one but Joe, and he’d make you instantly feel at home. He just had a way about him that made him impossible to replicate and so difficult to put into words. He was the most welcoming and friendly person to everyone and comfortable in any setting.   He’d always greet me with his huge smile and his tagline of the month (wasssup blood, suhhh dude, sup my G). IDK It was just Joe.

Joseph Anthony Suarez was born on August 31, 1990, in Bakersfield, California.  He was our first-born child and only son. His arrival into this world was just as spectacular as it was when he left us, an entire room filled up with people who loved him endlessly.  We waited five years before we started our family, then along came our first child, our son. Joe changed our lives in ways we didn’t know could be different; he made the sun shine brighter, the stars glowed more, the moon got more prominent, the sounds of life became more apparent and louder.  He gave us so much joy, we decided to have more children, and three years later, we gave birth to our beautiful daughter Allie, and four years after, then gave birth to another beautiful daughter, Juliana. Joe absolutely adored and loved his younger sisters; they worshipped their big brother as well.   He was their best friend, and the three of them had a strong sibling love that will last a lifetime, no matter if he is physically or spiritually here with us.  Every day was an “I love you” day.  It truly is a beautiful site to see and hear when your children speak the words, “I love you, Sis, or I love you, Brother.”  I soon came to learn; Joe would say “I love you” to his close friends too, and now I hear him thru every one of his friends when they say, “I love you, Momma Suarez.”

James and Joe

From: James Diaz

May 28th is a day that will sit deep in the hearts of hundreds of people. It’s very difficult to put Joe into a few short memories. Joe was a vibe. He was able to change the atmosphere of a room.  Since the first day, I met Joe; he looked out for me. The first time I met Joe was at a BHS football game when I was in the 8th grade, and he was a freshman. We both had long hair, and after we were introduced, he started to call me his brother. That same year I shadowed at BHS, and when I was on campus Joe immediately came up and hung out with me. It sounds corny as hell to say, but Joe made me feel really cool that day. Three days before Joe passed, my mother in Law saw Joe. She had never met him before. She described him as so happy and full of life. She said he had a distinct laugh and that he kept saying how he introduced Juliana and me together. Juliana and I didn’t know how we met. But Joe reminded us that it was all because of him.

Juliana Suarez to Joseph Anthony Suarez

Every day is hard without you, but we don’t have any other choice but to keep living. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you are gone. It just feels like you are away, and we can’t talk to you. But then, when I stop and think about it and realize that you’re gone, it’s still to this day the hardest thing to believe and accept. I sit in your room and look at the pictures we have of you all over and think to myself how much I miss you and how long it’s going to be until I see you again, and I hate it because all I want to do is talk to you and hug you. I try to stay strong and happy for you, brother because you never liked seeing me sad, but a part of me will never be the same anymore because a part of my family is gone. I love you to no end💙

Joseph Anthony, you are missed by so many but mostly by me, your Meh, your Pops, your Lil sis Allie & Juliana, and your beautiful niece Ella.  She points to your picture every time we ask her, “where’s Uncle Joe?” and she points directly to your photo and kisses you.  We will forever keep your memory in her heart and soul.

Allie Suarez is with Joseph Anthony Suarez.

June 28

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