Broken Moments

I always knew there was something unique and very different about our son, Joseph Anthony Suarez. He seemed to radiate the world even as I gave birth to him on August 31, 1990. I always told him one day he would accomplish greatness in life because his spirit was so big and he would see the world. Joe would look at me and smile, then give one of his warm tight hugs always with an “I love you Momma.” I love you more son and I held him tightly in my arms. I don’t think Joe realized how much everyone genuinely loved him. There was something about his presence, he just made you feel good inside. He had a gift, people loved him. And, he was my gift for 27 years, I miss everything about him every single day. We all miss him. I was right about him accomplishing greatness, he did exactly what I knew he would do, I just assumed it would be here in the living world.

The day after we were contacted by the Coroner, I had a dream. It felt so real. It was one of those dreams when you tell yourself if this is a dream please don’t wake me up! I was at my mom’s house on Fillmore St. sitting at the kitchen table, crying. I looked out the back door and there was Joe walking towards me.  I don’t know where he came from, he just appeared. Slowly, he made his way into the kitchen, I stood up holding out my arms for him. Somehow, we both were standing at Mom’s front door and Joe had his arms wrapped tightly around me. I cry every time I think back to this dream. Then I looked up at him and I could see his eyes were filling up with tears as mine were drowning. He told me, “Momma I’m sorry, I love you” these words were often his direct way into my heart, he had many but this one got me every time. I know son and I love you more and I forgive you.” I held on to him for as long as I could. I didn’t want to let him go, then my eyes opened. Hopeless and grief stricken, I laid helpless in my bed for hours. Was it a dream? Did I imagine what just happened? Am I going crazy? Or, did Joe really come to see me one last time? I believe he came to say goodbye. Suddenly, my heart-felt warm.

Every day following Joe’s death was filled with disbelief, shock, numbness, sorrow, and unimaginable pain. For the most part, those days and nights were hit and miss memories, it all seemed like a lifetime ago. I don’t remember much, except sleeping. Sleep protected me from reality, I felt no pain while my eyes were closed. Sleep kept me from thinking, I didn’t want to think about what was happening in my life. It was too much for me to process and hard enough accepting I would never see Joe again. People tell me eventually it won’t hurt as bad, I don’t believe that to be true. I asked God out loud, “where are you? how do I go forward from this? I am broken Lord!”  Sobbing heavily, I could barely catch my breath. Life hurt. It actually hurt to breath. Life is so unpredictable.  It can change in a blink. What I quickly realized was, “don’t take each day for granted, because you never know what can happen, it can all be wiped away just like that…in a snap.”  Every day really is a gift.  

Sometimes, I feel as though I’m spinning in circles.  Trying to find an answer to the “why?”  Why Joe?  Why my family?  Why didn’t I get some kind of warning?  Why couldn’t Joe have just stayed home that day?  Why didn’t I stop him from leaving?  Why didn’t he just come home? There are 100’s of whys.  I may never know an answer to any of my questions, so I’ve given it all to God. I had to, I was spinning out of control. I always knew and could feel when Joe was uneasy about something.  I would ask him, “a penny for your thoughts?” His reply was always, I’m good Mom (my heart is racing as I’m typing this).  He never wanted me to worry. I’d rather him be here and worry thru the problems that can be fixed versus him be gone forever! There was a lot wrong that Monday, I could feel it without looking at him.  His dad would always tell him, “don’t be so trusting of other people, son.  Always have your guard up, there are vicious people in the world, Joe” ….got it Pops, he would always tell his Dad. Prior to May 28th, we were all living, breathing, life as a family was uninterrupted.  I want it all back. I want my family, all 5 of us, living and breathing together again. I want my son Joseph Anthony back. Why did this happen?  Some people tell me, “it’s all in God’s plan” well, that’s not enough for me, I want more. I want to know HOW this happened to Joe.  My gut instincts tell me there’s a lot more we don’t know.  But, one day the “more” will reveal itself, I have no doubt.  Something will surface.  This chaos has ripped apart my family and it has left us mourning Joe to no end.  I pray, it’s all I have left in me.  I have given this all to God.  It’s way too big for my shoulders. 

I love you my son and every day my heart hurts, but I will not let your death be in vain.  I will see you again one day.  Until then, I promise to try with everything in my soul to shift my sorrow and my pain towards your memory.  I will make sure your greatness will continue in honor of your name, Joseph Anthony Suarez.  I love you son no end.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4 NIV)


Published by Losing Joe - Finding My Way Thru Grief

My name is Elaine Suarez, I am a mother of 3 children; Joseph 27, Allie 25, Juliana 21. I’ve been married to the love of my life, Isadore, for 33 years. We’ve been blessed with three healthy and beautiful children. We raised our kids with unconditional love, joy for family, knowing our Catholic Faith, and the importance of working hard to achieve life goals. The five of us never left each others presence without saying, “I love you.” We are an extremely close family. On the morning of May 29, 2018, at approximately 11:00 am, I received a phone call from the coroner's office notifying me that our only son, Joseph Anthony Suarez, age 27, was deceased. And, just like that, in a matter of less than 2 seconds our life would never again be the same. Everything changed, we changed. Joseph (Joe) was only 27 and his life had come to an abrupt and devastating end. He is the eldest of three, he is our only son and only brother to our two daughters. Joe’s life ended way too soon. This was not fixable. The coroner kept his body for 21 days; therefore, we never got to say goodbye. His body was not the same body we last seen on May 28, 2018..healthy, vibrant, moving in life with no fear yet full of love for family, friends, and life itself. We chose to remember our son the way we last seen him, not on a steel flat gurney and unrecognizable after being touched and God knows what else from the autopsy. We celebrated his life remembering all the beautiful things he gave to each of us, his smile and his infectious personality that lit up a room the moment he entered, his love for us and our love for him. He is and will forever be with us, his spiritual self is way too big to not be here and I will work as best as I can to keep that beautiful spirit alive. I made Joe a promise on the day I said out loud in his bedroom while on my knees, “Okay God, I’m going to give him back to you because I want him safe and at peace.” I promised Joe I will NEVER let him be forgotten...not ever, and I would try to do my very best to breathe to live every day. This is my story of Losing Joe. Son, I love you to no end, Joseph Anthony Suarez. We will forever be a team my Jeh. ♥️i love u forever, your Meh.♥️

9 thoughts on “Broken Moments

    1. Life is so hard without Joe, I’m lost most days. But I have daughters too, I mask the pain so my girls don’t worry. I try to be strong, writing about Joe makes everything feel as if he is still here. Thank you for reading my words. Much luvv and huggs back to you too♥️


  1. Elaine, there are no words that can heal a broken heart. U were very Blessed to have such a handsome, strong son in your life. Always remember the good times, the times that he put a smile on your face. My heart goes out to you. I wish I could tell u it get easier, but it doesn’t hold on to all your memories of him and talk about all the time. That’s what helps me and stay busy. I never got the pleasure of meeting him but it sounds like he was an awesome young man. You are in my prayers 🙏🙏🙏 God Bless u Elaine. Stay strong and remember he will always be by your side. Thank u for sharing your story it was beautiful. 💖

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  2. I cannot even imagine where you are coming from but I do know where you are heading. You are remarkable to be able to write this sad story and yet one of hope. Your mom and I had some long phone conversations years ago and I feel her beside you. She had strength and wisdom that were unknown. I am thinking of you and the family daily. Tell Francis I said hello. Take care and get in touch if you like. 816.344.9563. Love and Blessings to all of you.

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